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Niamh’s Story

The lifestyle works well for me, and the patient feedback is so rewarding!

Originally studying and training in Dublin, Niamh spent a few years in Australia before settling in London where she’s been working with HCA since August 2021. We caught up with her to find out more about her role as a GP and how she's found the perfect balance between the lifestyle she craves, the care she wants to deliver and the career she's passionate about.

Talk us through a typical day as a GP at HCA

My days are really varied. I work from 8.30am to 5.30pm most days with some days requiring longer hours. Occasionally I’ll work weekends – but we get time back for doing this because your personal time is your personal time.

I mainly do general practice and health screening. But one day I could be in a certain location doing a corporate GP clinic, and the next I could be carrying out clinical screenings somewhere else. Being London-based, all the places I work are close to each other, so I can either walk or catch the tube. It all gives me some good variation day to day.

The basics of being a GP are very similar wherever you work. But it’s the quick and easy access to referrals, screenings and bloods that make everything easier for me at HCA. I can diagnose more efficiently. Another good thing about HCA is the very smooth transition and quick access to reviews, which means I can get treatment moving faster for patients. We’re effectively able to provide 24-hour care which is something patients find efficient and often leads them to give us good feedback about their experiences.

What challenges do you experience, and do you feel supported in resolving these?

There are challenges in terms of patient expectations and difficult cases, but I feel strongly that management is there to help me. If I’m questioning something, I can always approach a manager for guidance and help. It’s good to know there are a lot of experts in the business. People who have been working in the industry a long time who are here to help and make sure we keep giving patients the best possible care.

What kind of training and development opportunities have you had?

I’ve actually started occupational health training this year. I have my exams in November and I’m getting support from the business, including financial. Hopefully I’ll be able to start working in that area in December.

Even though I’m still new to my role, I can already see ways that I can progress into different or higher positions. And I know I can always express my goals to management here as they’re very positive and supportive. I know that I can change direction in my career if I want to achieve different things, and that’s a very empowering feeling.

Why do you think a GP should join HCA?

A friend recommended HCA to me as she was enjoying working here. I had my interview while I was still in Ireland and the whole application process felt smooth and easy.

Now in my role, I’m meeting new people every day, helping them with their health. There’s a good atmosphere and always someone you can ask if you need help. The team is diverse coming from lots of different backgrounds, so we all bring something different to the table. Everyone’s helpful and enthusiastic and we socialise together sometimes.

As well as the supportive colleagues, I’d definitely recommend the benefits as there are lots of them, including a healthcare and pension scheme. Plus the job variety I get is great and the lifestyle works well for me. Of course, it does get busy, but it’s manageable!

And one of the best things about working here is the great patient feedback emails and thank you cards you get which are lovely. It’s always good to get positive feedback!

Uncompromising care.
Unrivalled careers.
The lifestyle you crave.

As a GP at HCA UK, you can have it all.

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