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EHR Transformation

Transform healthcare with the power of technology

We're embarking on a major transformation project that will revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered at HCA UK. To help us realise its full potential, we're looking for talented individuals with a wide-range of clinical, medical, business and technology expertise to join us in a variety of roles.

Pioneering opportunities with HCA UK

Imagine if you could make life easier for nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. Give them easy access to patient notes that are continually updated and shared in real time. Imagine too if patients could access that same information, and add to it themselves with data gleaned from wearable devices. Well, at HCA UK, we’re harnessing the power of technology to make all of this possible, and a whole lot more besides.

Building on the latest version of MEDITECH’s proven Expanse platform, we’re developing a bespoke Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that will transform the way data is managed across our entire organisation – helping colleagues everywhere, from HR and Finance to our frontline clinical teams, make faster, better-informed decisions, and ultimately deliver even better patient outcomes.

It’s a huge undertaking and, for those who join us at this exciting time, a chance to help deliver something truly exceptional.


Together, lets shape the future of healthcare

This is your chance to revolutionise our approach to care, to drive better patient outcomes, to create a simpler way of working for clinicians and to leave an impact felt for years to come.

Join us as we transform healthcare for the better.

Search & apply


The variety of opportunities available across our nine separate – but connected – work streams, reflects the scale and scope of the challenge, and our commitment to the project’s success.


Business analysts, systems analysts, data analysts and supply chain analysts, as well as subject matter experts in Oncology, Pharmacy and Pharmacy Tech.


Analysts to focus on the needs of our labs across all laboratory specialisms and services including blood, pathology and others.

Medical & Primary Care

Medical professionals in a range of disciplines, from Paediatrics and Oncology to General Practice and Occupational Health. And analysts to provide them with the necessary technical support.


Subject matter experts in Oncology, Midwifery & Neonatal, Nursing & Therapies, Theatre & Anaesthetics, Critical Care, Urgent Care, Imaging and Outpatients.

Clinical Governance

Risk and quality management professionals to oversee the continuous improvement of our services and safeguard the highest standards of patient care.

Transformation & Engagement

Marketing and communication specialists to get everyone behind the transformation. Trainers and floor walkers to ensure we make full use of the technology's capabilities.


Project managers to oversee each individual element of the project. And PMO analysts to provide them with the technical support they need.


Architects, analysts, developers and engineers to create the overall infrastructure, develop our Cloud capabilities, and ensure the integration and interoperability of our systems.

Finance & Business

Analysts, business analysts and data analysts to focus on the Billing, Case Management, Registration and Scheduling, Supply Chain and Financial aspects of the project.

What we look for

Of course, the skills and experience you’ll need will depend on the particular role you apply for. But across the board, we’re looking for natural team players who love solving problems and see each new challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

For the more technology-focused roles, if you’ve worked in healthcare and you’re familiar with FHIR and HL7 standards, that would obviously be an advantage. But we’re just as interested in talking to people from other tech-driven industries like banking and finance or e-commerce.

Why make the move?

First and foremost, this is a chance to apply your talents to one of the largest investments and programmes of work we’ve ever taken on. You’ll be part of a ground-breaking transformation programme that will have a massive, measurable impact on people’s lives. Everything you do here will have a profound impact on our patient journey, helping us provide a world-class experience and improving the quality of life for every patient that comes through the door. Not only that, you’ll be part of a team making assessment and treatment more effective for our clinicians and building smoother pathways for our admin teams, giving our colleagues more time to do what they do best –  care for patients.