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Meet the team: HCA Laboratories

Meet the team: HCA Laboratories

Take a look under the microscope and get to know some of the team from HCA Laboratories. Find out more about their day-to-day and their motivations for becoming Biomedical Scientists.

Getting to know Athina

“I’ve always wanted to become a Biomedical Scientist. Starting at HCA UK as a Medical Laboratory Assistant seven years ago, I was able to follow and support the work of biomedical scientists on a daily basis. I was fascinated by how the laboratory work plays such a critical role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, as well as the improvement of patients’ health.

I’m training and learning to read and interpret Microbiology culture plates for various different types of samples. My main job is to read all the samples that were cultured and incubated the day before. I most enjoy providing care and improvement to patients’ lives, while constantly learning new things. Biomedical science is an ever-changing field, which means that the job evolves alongside science – so it never gets boring!”

Getting to know Sian

“I work in Central Sample Reception (CSR), this is the first stage of the processing for each sample that arrives in the lab. In a typical day as a Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) in CSR, it is our responsibility to ensure that all samples we receive from our hospitals and external clients, are sorted, registered, and sent to the relevant department for analysis. Each sample has a turnaround time and it is our job to ensure that they are met.

Science has always been one of my favourite subjects during my academic years, especially chemistry. I’ve always enjoyed learning practically and being in the lab. I knew from my teenage years that I wanted my career to be lab based and getting a role as an MLA has helped me build my experience and confidence working”

Getting to know Asgor

“My inspiration for becoming a Biomedical scientist came from a passion for understanding the complexities of human health and disease. The desire to make a meaningful impact on society, improve human health, and contribute to the scientific community has always been a strong driving force for me.

A typical day working as a Biomedical Scientist in the LOC labs would be to set up and maintain Haematology and Biochemistry analysers. This includes cleaning analyser parts, replenishing of reagents and detergents and performance checks.

I perform quality checks to ensure accuracy of results, process urgent bloods for oncology patients, adhering to strict turnaround times, inform clinicians of any critical and abnormal results, and support healthcare professionals in their clinical decision making for treatments.

I most enjoy the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of working as a biomedical scientist, working in teams and with experts from various disciplines. My work with clinicians, scientists and other health professionals fosters a stimulating and dynamic environment.”

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